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As a Bethel family, we take so much joy in caring for your child during services. We also take a very intentional approach in creating a safe and friendly atmosphere for you and your little one.

As you walk into the Bkids space, you will notice two different check-in stations (pictured below). Upon your first visit, you will want to check-in with the manned station on your right. Our volunteers will happily answer any questions that you might have. Next, they will walk you through our Bkids space, help you drop your child off in the correct room, and point you to our main sanctuary.

Because the safety and security of our children is so important to us, we make sure that each of our volunteers is background checked and trained through our volunteer orientation process. This means our volunteers understand our policies and procedures, know their responsibilities, and know how to contact parents when necessary. In the event that you are needed, our volunteers will send a text notification to your phone. Additionally, you will be paged using our number notification system at the front of our sanctuary.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you! 



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