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Royal Rangers is a ministry similar to Scouting which exists to reach, keep and teach boys for Christ. Along with many fun indoor and outdoor activities such as camping, Rangers provides classroom time each week for boys to learn positive guidelines for living from the Bible. When a boy participates in Rangers, he will have a basic knowledge of what the Bible teaches. He will be trained for Christian service and ready to take his place serving where God wants him to be. He will be grounded in Christian belief for the remainder of his life. 


Rangers meets Wednesdays from 7-8:15pm upstairs in our MACE (gym) building with classrooms for boys kindergarten through high school, and provides plenty of other weekend activities such as campouts and the annual Pinewood Derby, to interest boys in settings that will keep them from unwholesome activities. We hope you'll try the Ranger experience for yourself or your boy's soon!


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